Spinning Babies

This class is with a Spinning Babies® Parent Educator, Noeris Gil

The Spinning Babies® Parent Class highlights your baby’s active role in birth.

During labor the baby needs to pass through the three levels of the pelvis. Learn techniques to help your pelvis and it’s muscles that support or restrict your pelvic levels. Together, you and your birth partner can use these techniques before and during labor to help “make room for baby!” Spinning Babies reveals how the baby can find optimal positions for labor, and makes birth less painful, and even pleasurable!

This class is for expectant parents only.

“Baby’s job in labor is to rotate!”

In this class, we will cover:

  • Basic anatomy of the pelvis and how it affects birth
  • Belly Mapping: To discover your baby’s position and increase baby-parent bonding
  • Daily Essential activities to give you greater ease in pregnancy and help give your baby space to move and settle into a great birth position
  • The Three Sisters of Balance: Help the birthing muscles and ligaments prepare for birth
  • Positions and comfort measures to use during labor
  • Birth positions that open the pelvis to let baby come through more easily
  • Solutions for when labor doesn’t move forward in a typical pattern

The Spinning Babies® Parent Class shows you what to do for an easier birth with practical and detailed preparation to help baby in the best position to fit the pelvis and solutions when labor seems long, painful, or has a stall! And, if practiced daily, an easier labor and birth are likely.

What is Spinning Babies®?

Spinning Babies® is an approach to optimize the physical relationship between the bodies of the mother and baby for the easing of childbirth. Spinning Babies is a new paradigm that takes clues from baby’s position and station for natural, physiological solutions. We believe that fetal positions are not random, that babies fit the space available. Yet, thinking of the size of the baby or the pelvis is not enough. Birth anatomy can be flexible. Both the uterus and the pelvis have more available room when the muscles and other soft tissues are balanced.

  • Align the uterus so baby can curl and enter the pelvis as a small, compact – and more active participant.
  • Releasing tight ligaments or muscles which may pull or twist may relieve pelvic pain now or discomfort during birth.
  • Support what’s loose in womb or pelvis with a pregnancy belt.
  • Open the pelvis to let baby move down during the birth process.
  • Share birth wisdom with parents and providers in ever deepening layers of understanding birth

Benefits of Spinning Babies Techniques

“…Every day I hear happy results:

…Back labor eased

…Breech babies that flip head down

…Transverse (sideways) babies suddenly turn head down – cesarean canceled!

…Posterior babies (sunny-side-up) rotate and/or descend

…First labors occurring regularly in 8 hours or less

…Cesareans canceled outside the OR; baby already born!

…More natural births and VBACs around the world!“

— Gail Tully, Spinning Babies Founder

This class is NOT a full childbirth preparation class nor was it intended to be such. This is a supplemental class to a childbirth Education class.

This is a 3 hour course and has a cost of $165.00/ Couple or $200/Couple for a one on one in the comfort of your own home.

I also offer consultations if you have a breech baby or a schedule induction or are in labor with no progress. Please contact me at info@demidoula.com or (786) 266-5193.

Please email us at info@demidoula.com for an updated class schedule and to register for classes.

Meet Your Spinning Babies Parent Educator…

Noeris started attending births in 2014 when she first began Birth Doula training. Her educational path has taken her from pursuing a Biology degree to studying midwifery and she continues to enrich her understanding of female reproductive physiology and birth. She is currently the only Spinning Babies® Parent educator in South Florida. 

Noeris has worked in many settings beyond local home births – developing wisdom and awareness of how to best support families through hospital births in South Florida. She brings a calming, loving, and empathetic presence to the birthing room and believes strongly in supporting families in every way, regardless of how and where they choose to birth. Noeris is fluent in English and Spanish and serves families in Miami-Dade and South Broward County. READ MORE >>>

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