Childbirth Education

Our Childbirth Education courses will give you all the knowledge, tools, and confidence for this amazing journey.

Childbirth is an experience in a woman’s life that transforms her forever

-Childbirth Preparation Course-

*This course is suggested to be taken 2 months prior to your Estimated due date*

 In this course you will learn how to understand medical terminology and routine procedures to make informed decisions (both hospital birth and home birth options), communicating your choices to your care provider & hospital staff if necessary, the benefits of a birth plan, Gain a better understanding of hospital protocols/typical medical interventions (or not), how to decrease pain in labor and make more space for baby to move into position, good nutrition and health during pregnancy, the development of baby from conception to birth, changes in the body, emotions, special tips for new dads, breastfeeding tips, postpartum care info, infant care, as well as releasing some of the common fears surrounding childbirth which will lead to a better birth experience. Time to discuss any questions or concerns.

This is a 4 week course where we will meet 2 hours each week in the comfort of your own home. $280/Couple

-Comfort Techniques in Labor Course-

Grab a pillow and yoga mat and get ready for a fun, interactive time that will give you the tools and confidence you need to have an awesome labor experience and take the fear out of birthing! Learn how to use an exercise ball, rebozo, massage, relaxation breathing, and more to control pain and discomfort during labor!

This is a 2.5 hours course and is $50 group class, $85/Couple private class at your desired location.

-Newborn Basics Course-

This class will help you know what to expect as you start your new journey of motherhood and fatherhood, including: Soothing a crying baby, Diaper Options (Cloth and Disposable), Bathing and Hygiene, Baby Products–how to choose the best products and save money! Feeding, when to start solids and what, How to safely and comfortably carry baby, including babywearing, Baby Development, and Bonding with your baby

This is a 2 hour course and has a cost of $40/Couple for a group class and $70/Couple Private class at your desired location.

Walk the path that the great women before you have walked

Noeris is a great childbirth teacher, I reached out to her because I wasn’t a fan of the childbirth class at the hospital I was giving birth at. I wanted a more objective view of what childbirth was and could be. I’m very happy I found her, Right off the bat you could tell that this is her passion. She loves what she does and that is something hard to come by now in days. She was very organized in her class delivery and wasn’t bothered by my flood of questions. She gave me all the right tools for my birth and to be honest I wish I would have called her for my birth because my husband was a little (A LOT) nervous. Next baby I will definitely be calling her.


-Lisa and Raul

Meet Your Educator…

Noeris started attending births in 2014 when she first began Birth Doula training. Her educational path has taken her from pursuing a Biology degree to studying midwifery and she continues to enrich her understanding of female reproductive physiology and birth. She is currently the only Spinning Babies® Parent educator in South Florida. 

Noeris has worked in many settings beyond local home births – developing wisdom and awareness of how to best support families through hospital births in South Florida. She brings a calming, loving, and empathetic presence to the birthing room and believes strongly in supporting families in every way, regardless of how and where they choose to birth. Noeris is fluent in English and Spanish and serves families in Miami-Dade and South Broward County. READ MORE >>>

Serving Miami Dade and South Broward Counties in Florida

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