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A doula is a person who provides physical, emotional, mental and informational support to women during their pregnancies, births, and after their babies are born. What does that look like? Well, doulas do all sorts of things, from rubbing backs to recommending lactation consultants to helping you figure out if that’s really your mucus plug or not (Hint: ask your doctor or midwife to be sure!).  I bring you water. I tell you you’re doing great. I breathe with you, moan with you, suggest you try a new position. I’m there to help you and your partner make decisions about your birth, whether your birth is an unmedicated one at home or a scheduled Cesarean in the hospital.  I believe that low intervention/physiologic births can be amazing — I have the training and skills to help you achieve one (if that’s your goal), but I support you no matter what your preferences are or what twists or turns your birthing journey might take.

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”

Doulas are full of information and resources for you. I think of a doula as sort of the Google of pregnancy and birth, if Google could also reassure you every time you get a new strange pregnancy symptom and then help your baby latch on to your nipple. While I am happy to provide evidence-based resources to you, your decisions are your own—I don’t provide medical advice or direction of any kind.

Doulas don’t judge you for eating (or not eating) your placenta, for getting (or not getting) an epidural, or anything else you may choose. I’m cool with whatever you want for your birth and postpartum, because you are the Woman I am there to support.

Studies have shown that having a Doula at your birth

  • Fewer Cesarians 50% 50%
  • Women have shorter labors 25% 25%
  • Less Epidural requests 60% 60%
  • Reduction of Pitocin use 40% 40%
  • Less request for Pain relief 30% 30%
  • More Positive Birth Experience 66% 66%

What Doula’s Don’t Do…

We do not perform clinical tasks, such as fetal heart checks, vaginal exams, etc. We are there to provide only physical and emotional support and advocacy. Doulas are there to cater to your heart, mind, and soul! (And yeah, sometimes your back, forehead and shoulders, too…comfort is a big part of our job!)

Birth Doula Package

The Basic Demi Doula Package includes the following:

  • Free initial consultation/interview
  • Two face-to-face prenatal visits to discuss goals/options and prepare for birth
  • Telephone, text, and email support throughout pregnancy and the early months of parenthood
  • Referrals as needed to the community or other resources
  • On-call services ’round the clock from 38 weeks until the birth of your baby
  • Continuous labor support, from early labor through the birth of your baby
  • Postpartum support for 1-2 hours following the birth or until everything settles down
  • Initial breastfeeding encouragement and support
  • One or two postpartum follow-ups in the early days after your birth (depending on need)
*We have a Sliding scale for those who cannot afford to pay in full for Birth Doula services. Please email us at for more information.*
“Thank you Noeris for being with me in the last 4 years. You are extremely special and important to our family!

Noeris has been with me in the most important moments of my life, the birth of my 3 kids. I don’t know what I would have done without her at the birth of my first baby. She was very knowledgeable and helped me remove the fear I had after the birth of my baby since she was taken to the NICU. As soon as I became pregnant with my second I was worried but all I knew is that I needed Noeris there. The second time it was a homebirth and if it wasn’t for Noeris’ willingness to do anything and everything (Including picking up my mom from the airport) My mom would have not witness the birth of her second grandchild. By the third baby, it was a given that Noeris would be there but by no means was her presence at the birth something routine. Her role was a more active one with her help and my husbands she helped me get through each and every contraction. There isn’t enough things that I can say to show her how thankful I am to her, She is the best at what she does and we love her so much”


-Wilmari and Jorge

Noeris is an amazing doula! Both my husband and I can attest to Noeris ability and knowledge.


This was our first pregnancy and we both wanted to have an experienced and encouraging coach to help us along. Noeris was helpful in educating us in what to expect in the weeks leading up to the birth, the childbirth process itself, and what to expect postpartum. She also provided music, candle lights and massage. She helped us achieve our ideal labor she was a wonderful doula, I would highly recommend her to anyone. She was responsive, even in the middle of the night, and she was our advocate in the hospital and helped explain the procedures to us in ways that were easy to understand during such a stressful time. She was an excellent support for us and extremely valuable!”


-Apolonia and Julian

“As soon as I met with Noeris I knew that she is what I needed during my pregnancy and for the birth of our baby. During the first half of my pregnancy I was super anxious and worried about my baby because I was labeled “high risk.” One of my dear friends referred me to Noeris and told me that she would help me lower my anxieties and my worries. So I called Noeris and I instantly knew from that phone call that she would diminish my fears. Noeris is like an encyclopedia of pregnancy and birth, that made me feel so secure, I knew that I was in good hands. She helped me understand my “high risk” status and helped me be better prepared for all my Doctor visits. With Noeris by my side, I felt that I had an active voice in my pregnancy. She helped me ask the right questions and helped me understand my rights as a pregnant woman. I love Noeris and she will forever be a part of our family.


-Maria and Esteban

Meet Your Doula...

Noeris started attending births in 2014 when she first began Birth Doula training. Her educational path has taken her from pursuing a Biology degree to studying midwifery and she continues to enrich her understanding of female reproductive physiology and birth. She is currently the only Spinning Babies® Parent educator in South Florida. 

Noeris has worked in many settings beyond local home births – developing wisdom and awareness of how to best support families through hospital births in South Florida. She brings a calming, loving, and empathetic presence to the birthing room and believes strongly in supporting families in every way, regardless of how and where they choose to birth. Noeris is fluent in English and Spanish and serves families in Miami-Dade and South Broward County. READ MORE >>>

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