Meet Noeris

Noeris started attending births in 2014 when she first began Birth Doula training. Her educational path has taken her from pursuing a Biology degree to studying midwifery and she continues to enrich her understanding of female reproductive physiology and birth. Noeris is certified in Basic Life support/CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation and is currently the only Spinning Babies® Parent educator in South Florida. She has experience with High risk pregnancies, Inductions, Planned Cesareans, Epidural Hospital births, as well as Home births. She has expanded her knowledge base with workshops on Essential oils for birth, Using Rebozo Workshops, Birth Assistant workshops, Breastfeeding workshops, HIV/AIDS training, OSHA and Environmental Safety training and Midwifery Today conferences.  Noeris has worked in many settings beyond local home births – developing wisdom and awareness of how to best support families through hospital births in South Florida. She brings a calming, loving, and empathetic presence to the birthing room and believes strongly in supporting families in every way, regardless of how and where they choose to birth. Noeris is fluent in English and Spanish and serves families in Miami-Dade and South Broward County.


Personally, Noeris is a 2nd generation Venezuelan-American. She grew up in a Christian home where missionary work was always a focus. Through her travels as a missionary, she learned to love serving others and to respect the different traditions of every culture. On her time off Noeris enjoys baking, dancing, going to the beach, and spending time with her family.

“A life not lived for others is not a life.”

-Mother Teresa-

-Demi Doula Mission Statement-

 Our Mission at Demi doula is to positively impact growing families in our community by transforming pregnancy and birth into a joyous and stress free time. Through prenatal education, tangible tools and techniques, and labor and birth support we strive for Moms to be confident in their knowledge of their bodies and birth thus reducing anxiety of what labor and birth might be. It is our ultimate desire for Moms to feel acknowledged, supported, and loved during their pregnancy and birth so they can have a positive and satisfying birth memory.

-Fun, interesting, and some random facts about Demi Doula-

– Demi Doula is named after my mom. I found it only fitting to honor my mom through my work of supporting women becoming mothers…because my mom is the best ever!

– At Demi Doula you will always be greeted with a smile…I love smiling and I’ve been told it’s one of my greatest assets.

– Demi Doula is 100% Passion and 100% Professionalism. By that I mean, I studied this because it is my passion and my life’s mission to support women in labor and birth. It has never been a burden to sit down and read, study, research anything and all things pregnancy and birth to give my clients the best and most accurate information. I’m always craving to be at a birth!

– The best birthday or Christmas present anyone can give me is for a mom to go into labor!

– At Demi Doula we strive to give our clients evidence-based information. What does this mean and why is this so important? Evidence-based information is research evidence for every practice and complication and its important because with accurate information you are able to ask for individualized care.

– At Demi Doula we gladly invite moms and dads to ask all the questions, there are no stupid questions, a stupid question is only the one that is not asked.

– We love when moms invite us on baby shopping trips. On top of the fact that it can be overwhelming shopping for a baby, we like to save you a buck or two and give you the 4-1-1 on what you actually will need for pregnancy, birth, and your newborn.

– When I was a child I would binge-watch “A Baby Story.” From a very young age I knew that I wanted to be right there with birthing mommas.

– A Baby Story also gave us a false reality of what labor and birth was, so it is why we are so determined to give moms accurate information so they could have realistic expectations. A positive birth experience is possible it just takes a little work.

– At Demi Doula once you sign on as a client you are treated as family. We understand that this is a life changing experience for you and your loved ones and we want to honor that. We will laugh with you, cry with you, learn with you, and we will absolutely celebrate the birth of your baby and the birth of you as a Mom and Dad.

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